Friday, November 17, 2017

7 deadly sins

The power that comes from celebrity, wealth and high position is the power that allows the men who possess it to give in to their sexual urges. That’s what has come to the surface so fiercely today.
But lust is only one of the seven deadly sins. These same powerful men have also allowed themselves to indulge just as readily in the others: greed, vanity, gluttony and down the line. 
We don’t call them to task for these urges in the same way we do sexual misdeeds. But in some ways the consequences for society are much more destructive.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Just some

Doesn’t it seem that we now have a government of just some of the people, by just some of the people, for just some of the people?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

True / False Quiz

1. One of the last places to find integrity is in the work of serious artists.
2. Hallmark greeting cards are the final word on the meaning of love.
3. Laws are just because they are made by justice-minded people.
4. If God is there, God is there for everyone.
5. It’s easy to find wisdom on the Internet.
6. Men just don’t get it.
7. Parents usually tell their children, “You are a mysterious bundle of potentiality waiting to be formed by your life energies.”
8. More Americans now suffer from screen addiction than ever before.
9.You can’t possibly calculate the odds of your improbable existence.
10. Every day we get many examples of the absurdity of human behavior, and sometimes we are one of those examples.
9-10 correct: Genius
6-8 correct: There’s still hope for you
3-5 correct: You didn’t read the assignments
0-2 correct: Duh

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I’m 73. I grew up in a world in which there were many institutional social and economic injustices. It was certainly no perfect world. But schools were safe. The streets were safe to play in. The doors of our home were open. I knew virtually no one who owned a gun. That was the world I grew up in. No nostalgia.
But sadly, trust in on the chopping block today. We don’t trust government. We don’t trust the justice system. We don’t trust corporate America. We don’t feel safe in church or school. We don’t feel safe on the streets or in our homes. Security systems, cameras and checkpoints are everywhere. We might even expect one day to be saved from danger by a random concealed-carry gun owner.
Systems of security seem so necessary that we forget that acceptance of these systems is also acceptance that we cannot trust.
What does that mean then for the way we live our lives?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Courage of women

The courage of the women who have come forward to call out the men who have sexually harassed them is undisputed. News media have been consistent in reporting these incidents regularly. But the entertainment industry is another story when it comes to courage:
1. SNL gave a lot of sketch time to Roy Moore, but almost none to Louis CK.
2. The entertainment industry’s Governor’s Award mentioned nothing about the sexual harassment scandals and even gave Dustin Hoffman warm applause.
2. Stephen Colbert has skewered politicians mercilessly for sexual misdeeds, but hardly touches Louis CK, Kevin Spacey and others.
To me, this is a cowardly response to the courage of women.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Products for the contemporary male

New products for the contemporary male:
Dick Docs
Dick Docs is a wallet-sized pad of contracts, legal in all 50 states, that once signed, is a legal sexual consent agreement. Dick docs is convenient, accessible and brings peace of mind.
C-best is the modern male chastity belt. C-belts come in different sizes, colors and styles. They expand with erections and have a digital lock, which can only be unlocked by the owner’s sex addiction sponsor.
The Stunning Fleshlight
The Stunning Fleshlight is enhanced with a miniature taser that puts out a small stun during masturbation to train the offending member to curb its enthusiasm. It is approved for use by the American Psychosexual Research Council.
These products will all be available before Christmas and can be found in the Personal Sexual Devices section of Amazon or at any neighborhood Walgreen’s store.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Get out the vote

I am not made of the stuff to make it in the military. I worked a service job, but not one that asked of me the sacrifices that the military make. But my son, my father, friends and former students all chose that call to service.

I recently heard a discussion on the radio about how to thank a veteran. Different veterans suggested ways. A “thank you” barely skimmed the surface. Take a few minutes to talk to a veteran. Buy one a meal. Donate to the USO. Volunteer at an organization that provides support to veterans.
All these are good options. 

But in the end, the President and Congress are the ones that put the men and women of the military in danger. The countries we are currently fighting in have not invaded us. Even 9/11seems less and less a justification for decades in this current Middle East morass. The numbers of dead, wounded, disabled, and psychologically and emotionally mangled continue to mount.

There seems to be all the money necessary to stuff the pockets of the weapons dealers. There seems all the money necessary to maintain the military in foreign wars. There seems to be all the money necessary for generous Congressional pensions and health care coverage. But where is the money necessary for the prompt, accessible and quality care of our veterans.

I thank the veterans.--all of them—for their brave and dutiful service. And I hope you will join me in holding accountable the government they served.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Penis power

Okay. Imagine some guy stripping naked and masturbating. You probably conjure up a pervert in a trench coat, a delusional man who’s mentally ill or a drunk college freshman. At least until recently.
Now we know it’s also celebrities in the entertainment industry, politicians and C.E.O.’s. Intelligence, creativity and wealth cower at the power of the penis.
We like to talk about these behaviors as “disorders” which can be resolved by therapy, talking to somebody. But for me, they are nothing but moral weaknesses and the relinquishing of dignity and personal integrity.
We now see this clearly because of the women and men who have courageously come forward.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


A group of believers stand together at sunrise or sunset looking up to heaven. They are waiting for the rapture. But it won’t come. Ever. But that’s not the whole story.

The rapture is really transportation into a higher, spiritual world. And while it may not be an eternal experience, life is full of many small raptures. The fireman who risks his life to save a child. The medic working grueling hours in a war zone. The woman who risks her life to fight for social justice. The transgender girl who proudly asserts her right to be herself.

These are all small raptures. Each is a human transported into eternity if only briefly. Only briefly God, in the highest calling. And what we don’t realize is that there are countless of these small raptures happening around us to humans who are not passively waiting for the rapture, acting selflessly to make the rapture palpable.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Lust is a bitch

Lust is a bitch. It’s one of the seven deadly sins. And it’s a powerful evolutionary urge. It afflicts teens and titans alike.

Power, position and wealth appear to allow lust to trump the positive impulses of culture and personal integrity. We will continue to hear about the transgressions of these perpetrators.

But we must also acknowledge the many men who make a commitment and live it out in a sexually healthy way.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Responses to Sutherland Springs

Some responses to the latest mass killing:
I’m grieving too much to do anything now.
It’s all the fault of Muslims.
Everyone must conceal carry to church.
The real cause is the mentally ill.
Fewer guns won’t make America safer.
I need my AK47 for hunting.
Protecting the 2nd Amendment is way more important than any incident of mass killing.
It’s the price of living in America.
This kind of thing happens everywhere in the world.
That other guy with his rifle jumped in to help.
Look at how many everyday heroes came out of the Las Vegas shooting.
I’m too busy making America great again to worry about this.
Lots of reasons to disguise a pistol toting, gun slinging habit and a cozy slumber in the pocket of the NRA.

Monday, November 6, 2017

This what you tell your Congressmen

This what you tell your Congressmen:
Every time you take a dollar from the NRA, you are complicit in these mass killings.
Every time you buy into this rigid and distorted view of the 2nd Amendment, you are making America more violent.
Every time you ignore your constituents to vote the NRA line, you are failing in your elected responsibilities.
Every time you say that more guns make America safer, you are denying the reality that shames our country.
Every time you express sympathy for victims of mass killings, you expose the callousness of your voting record on gun control.
Every time there is a mass killing, you need to notch those numbers on your belt and wear it every day.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

New GPS options

Tired of that bland female voice telling you where to go? A new generation of GPS devices can remedy that.
Select from the following exciting GPS options:
The rap artist option
The bitchy wife option
The know it all husband option
The backseat driver option
The sexy male or female option
The country twang option
The celebrity option (currently available are Donald Trump, Whoopi Goldberg, Judge Judy and Homer Simpson)
All of these options are also available for elevators and home voice devices.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The law

The law is not required to have a conscience. Neither are those who make it and enforce it. The law can have some elements of morality, but consider how laws are often made. The voting public shows up, often uninformed, in shamefully low numbers. Legislators are bought out by highly paid lobbyists and substantial campaign contributions. They too often ignore their constituents, who don’t hold them accountable.
In elections, integrity and personal values don’t enter the campaign in significant enough ways, as we’ve seen in the case of the top elected official in the country. Personal integrity becomes the playground for smear campaigns.
Good has and does come out of the process, but it often comes out bruised and beaten.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Get a map

Get a map. Stick a pin in every place where people are starving. What do you get?
Get a map. Stick in pin in every place where there is armed conflict. What do you get?
Get a map. Stick a pin in every place where a billionaire sits on a mountain of wealth. What do you get?
Get a map. Stick a pin every place where there is religious intolerance? What do you get?
Get a map. Stick a pin every place where people are homeless. What do you get?
Get a map. Stick a pin every place where that women are abused. What do you get?
Get a map. Stick a pin every place families live on $2 or less a day. What do you get?
Get a map. Stick a pin where people are oblivious to all of this. What do you get?

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Pledge to never tolerate sexual harassment of women in yourself or others.
I have.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A little bit

It’s our inability to get past geographical, social, economic, racial, political, religious, national and all the other boundaries we put on ourselves that keeps us from seeing ourselves as human beings first. This is why, whether pragmatically or cynically, we are such a hopeless race. 
Some of us can build little castles of comfort or wealth while the majority struggles against poverty, repression and lack of opportunity. Some of us can throw a little money or a few discarded objects over the castle walls and feel a little better about ourselves. A very few will give out of the little they have. Most will give out of their excess.
Yet any bit of compassion is a bit of hope. Any bit of hope is a bit of faith in such a thing as a human community. Any bit of faith in a human community is a bit of belief that all humans mean something.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sexual harassment

Every man on the planet who has reached puberty understands the evolutionary urge and its powerful chemistry. Maybe not in those terms, but at least in their pants. Some men--by discipline, personal commitment, religious belief, fear or other means--can keep it in their pants. Other men--by power, privilege, wealth, brutishness, weak character, coercion or other means--can’t.
Men can understand the actions of sexual predators and may sometimes have sexual fantasies of that kind. Keeping them as fantasies separates the man from the predator. 
Hitting on women at the office, trying seduction, using power to coerce sex and rape are all levels of moral weakness, sexual immaturity and cowardice. To say such men are dickheads let’s them off too easy.
What they think is their love wand is really just a personal pleasure stick. Maybe every office building needs to have a set of masturbation pods where men can jerk off and get it out of their systems and leave women alone.
Still, make an assessment for yourself of the content of the media produced by the Hollywood moguls and actors. How much lives out their own fantasies? How much meets the desires of our own fantasies? How much of it affirms the very behavior of their own sexual lives.
Many women and a few men are courageously are bringing this systemic behavior out into the daylight. It remains to be seen as to whether the structure will crumble or in the end just shake a little.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Beware. They are everywhere. Movies, TV, video games, cell phones, gas station pumps, highways. classrooms, lobbies, kids toys and more. I’m talking about screens.
We live in a world of dyscreenotopia. While they inform us and entertain us, they also intend to manipulate us and seduce us and make us believe that what we only want is what really need.
The screens are full of action, color, sound, beautiful people, cute cartoon characters, all grabbing for our attention. And that would not necessarily be all bad. But how do we assess this visual flood; how do we take it on with a critical eye.
The truth is, we usually don’t. In a world that is increasingly visual, we get no training in the visual language. We don’t know how to interpret these images for ourselves. We don’t learn how to deconstruct them for the intent beneath the message. We don’t get how we are being manipulated. We can’t discern. 
And in most cases, that’s just fine with the makers.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

What is art?

What is art?
A vessel for meaning
A passion if not an obsession
Thoughts turned into images
A conversation with the world
A conversation about the world
An image to make ideas endure
A language
A road with many forks
A process with big and small risks
A journey of self-discovery
Sometimes bleeding
A cultural necessity
A product of culture that transforms culture
Digesting the world and giving it back
A solitary practice
A gift
A personal vision
A cultural barometer
A voice from the edge
And that’s just a start

Saturday, October 28, 2017


From the smallest band of rebels to the largest global forces.
From the streets of North America to the parade grounds of North Korea.
From child soldiers to professional mercenaries.
From the jungles of Africa to the deserts of Afghanistan.
From the Gaza Strip to the Las Vegas Strip.
From brutal insurgents to defenders of freedom.
From religious zealots to heathen monsters.
From the guy on your block to the soldier who killed your son.
Any one of these can have easy access to military grade weapons in any quantity they want. How is this possible? Who profits from the global trade in weapons?
How can peace be so easily and so regularly be held at gunpoint?
The global weapons trade is never discussed in the context of conflict. Why? The profiteers are never named. Why?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Initiation rites

In many indigenous cultures an initiation rite for its male youth introduces them to adulthood and its responsibilities, sexual and communal. It is clear then that they are men, and they understand their responsibilities as men in their society.
Contemporary society is much more complicated than such tribal societies. If we look across the globe at instances of sexual predation such as in ISIS, Boko Haram, sex slavery, on college campuses, arranged marriages, sexual misconduct by religious, and countless examples of sexual attacks on young women, an argument could be made that some form of predatory sexual behavior is become the initiation into manhood in contemporary society.
Ask yourself. When, by default, we put “initiation rites” into the hands of media, entertainment and corporate marketing, what do we get?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Turns into love

In life, If you're lucky and work at it, love will turn into love will turn into love will turn into love will turn into love.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sex and men

A solution for male sexual transgressions. Make all male sexual predators wear a tight fitting penis bracelet which sets off a warning signal at the start of an erection.
Of course, I’m not serious about this because, even if it worked, it would only solve the problem after the fact.
We live in a male dominated society. That may be culture or nurture or evolution or power, but it is a fact. Women, even as their impact on society worldwide increases, still make steps forward only haltingly and unevenly. They can address issues of glamorization, dress, media images and stereotypes, work and motherhood, but it’s men who must make the real changes.
And I mean moguls, CEOs, thugs. adolescents, farmers, cheaters, gentlemen, academics, Hollywood power players, pornographers, fathers, uncles, artists, mechanics, athletes—all of us men. We can’t easily stop the marketers, TV and film producers, media giants, sex salesmen and entertainers who swamp us in sex messages.
We can resist though. We can become men who respect women and, in turn, respect ourselves.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Just out

New titles in bookstores everywhere:
Buckeroo Bromance
Rebel Arousing: A White Supremecist Love Story
The Young Adult’s Guide to Hollywood Sex Scandals
Fifty Shades of Pink
Rap for Dummies
Twitts on Twats: The Collected Twitters of Donald Trump

Monday, October 23, 2017


Stimulus. Hard on. That’s evolution’s gift to men. But like all our human urges, the sexual urge must be contained so it never harms others. Any act of sexual harassment from unwanted touching to rape is unconscionable, and the perpetrator must expect that there are consequences.
But whether by celebrities or common folk, these acts are social and cultural acts as well. What are the consequences when the laws are written with a strong male gender bias? What are the consequences when a young white male only gets a slap on the wrist for rape because his life has so much potential? What are the consequences when Hollywood elite ignore gross sexual behavior because they lack courage or make a trade off for money and career?
TV and movies treat sexual misconduct as trivial and even acceptable. Dress is inappropriate for the workplace but sexually provocative among the beautiful people who occupy the screen. This is what viewers appear to want. In clothing and behavior we’ve sexualized young people, especially girls.
Advertising and marketing may be the worst culprits. Models are carefully selected for their sexual appeal in ads for fashion, cosmetics, hair products, clothing and more. ED products, alcoholic beverages, soda pop and even Mr. Clean evoke sex to sell. Makers of these products essentially want customers to get a hard on for their products.
Any form of sexual pleasure that doesn’t harm others or oneself is acceptable in our culture. But when we look at individual cases like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly, we have to realize that we are all victims of the culture we have created.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Chronic depression

Chronic depression is a killer. It kills hope. It kills the joy in life. It kills libido. It kills relationships. It kills the person alive within you. It sometimes kills you.
Chronic depression should never be a cause for shame for you or family. It’s not a matter of personal weakness. It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain, and you are no more capable of willing it to be better than you would be of willing your diabetes to go away or your thyroid to balance itself.
Chronic depression is not easy to conquer, but it is worth the work. Medicines and therapies are out there that are proven to work. They are not always magical, but they are there. The effort gives you back yourself and the pleasure you find in life and in others.
How do I know this? I struggled with chronic depression for more than 50 years. And I’m damn happy I finally beat it. 
Good luck.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The true...

The true fool is best known for his wisdom.
The true fighter is best known for his restraint.
The true student is best known for his curiosity.
The true groom is best known for his anxiety.
The true clown is best known for his humanity.
The true gentleman is best known for his compassion.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Teaching love

Love is a many splendored thing.
Love conquers all.
Love is the answer.
Love one another.
Love. Love. Love.
We are expected to learn to read, write and do math. We are expected to learn history and science. All to be successful in life.
Is love any less important?
Who can teach us to love? Religions? They are constantly at war with one another or locked into out-of-touch dogma. Our families? Yes, if we’re lucky enough to have a family around us capable of teaching and modeling love. Life experience? We often just muddle through and maybe figure out love only too late.
We struggle with problems both personally and globally that would have much better resolutions if we really knew what love was and how to practice it.
So how come we teach Medieval history but not love? Organic chemistry but not love? Computer coding but not love.? The history of rock and roll but not love? For one, love is harder to teach and to learn than any of those. 
Right now, to try seriously to teach love is an essential task.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The First Family

It’s a gusher of criticism, humor, tweeting, frustration and vitriol that comes in response to Donald Trump. But when a comparison is made between the Trumps and the Obamas, the Trump pair becomes almost a parody of what the Obamas taught us to expect of a First Family.
No intellect and little compassion show in any of the speeches or tweets in Trump own words. His unmanaged words are clumsy, adolescent, mean-spirited, narcissistic utterings. He is fully unpresidential and dangerously unpredictable.
Melania, sad to say, appears more a trophy than a mate. She stands beside Donald. And stands and stands and stands, most times looking like she was on a fashion runway.
Three more years of this is like the USA standing still or backing up as the world moves forward. Laughing wildly at late night show Trump jokes no longer has any real meaning. We must wake up and pressure our legislators, talk to people, educate ourselves. Let action be the sign that we give a damn.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Free rap lyrics

The seven deadly sins
Was a Medieval obsession
But today we take them
As our cultural possession

Me, I am the best
I ain’t got time for the rest
I’ll be first at the finish
‘Cause you, I will diminish

We treat love like it’s treasure
But we make it our own pleasure
We say you are my brother
Then we say we hate the other

Me, I am the best
I ain’t got time for the rest
I’ll be first at the finish
‘Cause you, I will diminish

We give the man the power
And he turns our dreams all sour
He gathers up the riches
And makes us all his bitches

Me, I am the best
I ain’t got time for the rest
I’ll be first at the finish
‘Cause you, I will dimish

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sound bite

I was recently at an awards and recognition dinner, Listening to the speeches, I realized that we’ve been de facto trained to speak and listen in marketing sloganeering. (Make America great again.) We only have the attention span for the sound bite. Bites might be tasty, but they aren’t very substantial. 
News coverage reduces a speech to a sound bite. Commercials reduce content to empty slogans. (Just do it.) Tweets and captions and headlines all make things easy for us to digest and acceptable for us to skip any real critical assessment.
As a result, we get into the habit of flinging catch phrases back and forth at one another. (It is what it is.). It’s like stones skimming off the surface of the water.
We are a culture in grave need of serious discussion on so many issues and in need of the willingness to give that our time and critical attention. No serious problem can be solved with a slogan. It’s we who must determine how we hear and what we hear in the in the tsunami of advertising, media and slick wordsmithing.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Real Consequences?

Of course LSU knew what was going on in its fraternities. But the status quo must be maintained. A hazing death and then it’s time to launch a “thorough investigation.”
What do you think the real consequences will be?
Of course the NCAA knew what was going among high profile, big money basketball programs. But reputations and winning programs must be protected. A cheating and corruption scandal and then it’s time to do a big high-profile investigation.                                                                                               What do you think the real consequences will be?
Of course the movie industry knew about Harvey Feinstein’s sexual misconduct. But careers and investments must come first. An expose gets into print and people are shocked, victims appear and heads roll.                                                                                                                                                What do you think the real consequences will be?
Of course Congressmen knew about the corrupt transgressions of their pals. Keep quiet because elections are coming up soon. The corruption story breaks, then the Ethics Committee goes into action mode.                                                                                                                                                       What do you think the real consequences will be?
When money talks, this is how instaitutions listen.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Why is the world so threatened by LGBTQ folks? Is it because they might breathe on your children and change their sexual orientation? Is it out of envy because they put on much better parades? Is it because they are having a good time in their bedrooms at night? Is it because they might hoist the rainbow flag over the Alabama state capitol? Is it because you fear their creative potential? Is it because you can’t put love above dogma?
We have lots more to be concerned about with the Harvey Weinsteins, Donald Trumps and Bill Cosbys of the world. Studies show that up to 50% of heterosexual adolescents and young adults have had a homosexual encounter. But when you push people to the margins, they function like they are the margins, and then they get condemned because they behave like those on the margins. LGBTQ folks belong in the mainstream where they can fully contribute their energy to the life of us all.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Rationality is a veneer.

Rationality is what people expect of others.

Rationality is what we put our hope in.

Rationality is what we use to cover up absurdity.

Rationality is not the stuff of dreams or myths.

Rationality is not always fun.

Rationality is only half the story.

Rationality gives access to only part of the universe.

Rationality is indispensible.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


When's the last time you slayed a dragon?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


The Huichol Indians of Mexico make a long trek pilgrimage each year to renew creation. Among the rituals that are a part of this journey, one is the ritual of confession. Each person in the group ties a knot in a string for each sin. The sins are confessed openly, even infidelity in front of the wife. After the confession, the string is thrown into the fire (Father Fire) and the person is cleansed to be able to continue the pilgrimage.
This ritual confession seems strange to some. But look at contemporary America. On talk shows, people bare their disgusting behaviors in front of strangers in the studio audience and strangers in the TV audience. Money for them, money for the host and money the station. Humiliation more than healing.
Then there’s crude and abusive behavior known to the inner circle for years. Up it pops as a result of the courage of victims. But there are no shamans or priests or heal. It’s the lawyers and the reputation managers who jump in.
Recently a young man wrote and performed a rap song about suicide. He delivered it in a staged spectacle with lots of bling, lights and even some folks who were victims of depression lining the stage in similar outfits. The chorus line?
What does it say about our culture when the quiet ritual of healing becomes a glitzy stage show or a sleazy talk show or a public fall from grace?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

"The Vietnam War"

Ken Burns’ “The Vietnam War” continues to eat at me. Does every President need a war? Does history in any way guide the decision to go to war? How many of those who support a war have a loved one on the front lines?
Imagine a big scale. On one side is principles, power, politics and national interests. On the other side is the pile of bloody, lifeless, mangled bodies and psyches destroyed by war. How does the scale tip?
Is cowardice continuing a war to save political face? Is courage the act of saying enough is enough? These questions have plagued humans for generations upon generations. “The Vietnam War” brings them clearly and forcefully to us again

Monday, October 9, 2017

Keep it in your pants

As I've been generally successful in keeping it in my pants, I've always wondered what drives men like Donald Trump, John Kennedy, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Tim Murphy, Bill Clinton, countless John Doe's and the parade of historical figures to commit sexual indiscretions from harassment to rape. Power? Arrogance? Evolution? Lust? Privilege? Lack of self-control? What? Probably a soup of most of these things.
But more and more such men are outed and called to task, even by other men. Sometimes it's only a slap in the wrist as in the case of the "promising" young college athlete convicted of rape. The average guy will get jail time while the privileged will simply fall from grace.
Still, there seems to be a growing appreciation for integrity and personal responsibility in sexual behavior.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Burn the flag

If you’re going to burn the flag, burn the flag when it appears on all those newspaper ads that want to sell you mattresses and clothes and appliances.
If you are going to burn the flag, but the flag worn on all those peoples’ asses.
If you are going to burn the flag, burn the flag used by all those celebrities for their vanity promo shots.
If you are going to burn the flag, burn the flag out of thoughtful and committed political protest.
Don’t go buy beer during the national anthem. Don’t check your phone during the national anthem. If you think the flag and the anthem mean something, make it mean something.

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Is it conceivable to imagine that 435 educated individuals acting on their consciences with the best in mind for the people they represent would wind up looking and acting like the current Congress of the United States. Personally, I don’t think so. Rather I see them in most cases as men and women who are party sheep engaging in ideological masturbation. A lot is spewed out, but there is no chance for anything to be born from it.
The party lets no sheep leave the flock. The members suck at the party and corporate money tit. When we go to vote, we look at party affiliation because there is no way to get easy access to a candidate’s character, qualifications, judgment and leadership abilities—the things that would come up in any job interview.
So in this climate, is it possible to imagine that anything—equal access to quality education, mental heath care, medical care, infrastructure, gun violence, cyber security, foreign affairs, and much more—will ever be effectively addressed?

Friday, October 6, 2017

Three amazing new products for Christmas giving


The Super Collapsible Event Chair
For backyard parties, for kids’ soccer games, for general relaxation, this sturdy nylon folding chair comes with cup holders, a sun canopy, padded seat, rollers an the chair legs and battery operated neck massager. Seat sizes come in L, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXLL .

The Bio Bus Card
For each 40 pounds of fat liposuctioned and converted to biofuel, an individual will get a Bio Bus card good for one year’s free rides on any biofueled bus in in any city in the USA.

The Magic Multiuse Super Tool
This device is ergonomically designed to be easy to use and to be versatile. It’s sturdy, and it’s shape makes it handy around the house. Among its uses: plumbing snake, toilet plunger and dildo