Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In the art school business

I've been the art school business for a long time as both a student and a professor. I've been in and run countless critiques, as you may also have.

Did anyone ever ask you this question:
What is the potential of this piece for drawing out from the viewer something deep that they never knew was there?

Isn't that the essence of art? How could I have let that by me for so long?

Why think for yourself?

Thinking for yourself is hard work and demanding and scary. And thinking for yourself actually requires thinking!

But no to worry.

Celebrity athletes can decide what deodorant or clothing is best for you.

Celebrity entertainers can decide what medicines and hair transplants are best for you.

Airbrushed and anorexic models can decide what clothing looks best on you.

Egotistical, airhead commentators can affirm what ideology best distorts reality for you.

Sexy blonds with big tits have the handle on the best driving machines for you.

Pundits can tell you when to ignore science, statistics and global dynamics.

And corporations know that you are the center of the known universe.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Corporate porn

Since the Supreme Court has decided that a corporation is a person who can give unlimited money to candidates for political office as a form of freedom of expression, it seems to me that there's no reason why an exhibitionist can't tear open his trench coat and go at it as a form of freedom of expression.

Look at it this way. Corporations cram money into their corporate dicks till they are stuffed and hard. They go to Washington, D.C. and hire their lobbyist pimps to line up the eager Congressmen. They tear open their trench coats, happy to let their members get sucked by our elected members.

In both cases it's perverse, obscene and distasteful. But for corporations, it's legal.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Love and war

Our age (perhaps every age) is awash in war; in civil, social and religious strife; in centuries-old hatreds; in ethnic conflicts. We try to tackle these conflicts with with more arms, negotiations, diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions.

"Love one another." The essential basis of every religion. How often do we talk about that? Of course, it is too naive to ask: "How can we most effectively teach and engender love?" But isn't thata the only question that really counts?

Shiva and Buddha

During a class visit to the CAM, we discussed the dancing Shiva and the Buddha in repose. With a little contemplation, each of these statues released its wisdom.

In our wealthy, secure, comfortable culture with its many safety nets, we often feel we have no need for this kind of wisdom. Then disaster hits: natural, social, political, personal. Things change. Then where are the contemporary images and icons which release the wisdom we need?