Friday, November 17, 2017

7 deadly sins

The power that comes from celebrity, wealth and high position is the power that allows the men who possess it to give in to their sexual urges. That’s what has come to the surface so fiercely today.
But lust is only one of the seven deadly sins. These same powerful men have also allowed themselves to indulge just as readily in the others: greed, vanity, gluttony and down the line. 
We don’t call them to task for these urges in the same way we do sexual misdeeds. But in some ways the consequences for society are much more destructive.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Just some

Doesn’t it seem that we now have a government of just some of the people, by just some of the people, for just some of the people?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

True / False Quiz

1. One of the last places to find integrity is in the work of serious artists.
2. Hallmark greeting cards are the final word on the meaning of love.
3. Laws are just because they are made by justice-minded people.
4. If God is there, God is there for everyone.
5. It’s easy to find wisdom on the Internet.
6. Men just don’t get it.
7. Parents usually tell their children, “You are a mysterious bundle of potentiality waiting to be formed by your life energies.”
8. More Americans now suffer from screen addiction than ever before.
9.You can’t possibly calculate the odds of your improbable existence.
10. Every day we get many examples of the absurdity of human behavior, and sometimes we are one of those examples.
9-10 correct: Genius
6-8 correct: There’s still hope for you
3-5 correct: You didn’t read the assignments
0-2 correct: Duh

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I’m 73. I grew up in a world in which there were many institutional social and economic injustices. It was certainly no perfect world. But schools were safe. The streets were safe to play in. The doors of our home were open. I knew virtually no one who owned a gun. That was the world I grew up in. No nostalgia.
But sadly, trust in on the chopping block today. We don’t trust government. We don’t trust the justice system. We don’t trust corporate America. We don’t feel safe in church or school. We don’t feel safe on the streets or in our homes. Security systems, cameras and checkpoints are everywhere. We might even expect one day to be saved from danger by a random concealed-carry gun owner.
Systems of security seem so necessary that we forget that acceptance of these systems is also acceptance that we cannot trust.
What does that mean then for the way we live our lives?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Courage of women

The courage of the women who have come forward to call out the men who have sexually harassed them is undisputed. News media have been consistent in reporting these incidents regularly. But the entertainment industry is another story when it comes to courage:
1. SNL gave a lot of sketch time to Roy Moore, but almost none to Louis CK.
2. The entertainment industry’s Governor’s Award mentioned nothing about the sexual harassment scandals and even gave Dustin Hoffman warm applause.
2. Stephen Colbert has skewered politicians mercilessly for sexual misdeeds, but hardly touches Louis CK, Kevin Spacey and others.
To me, this is a cowardly response to the courage of women.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Products for the contemporary male

New products for the contemporary male:
Dick Docs
Dick Docs is a wallet-sized pad of contracts, legal in all 50 states, that once signed, is a legal sexual consent agreement. Dick docs is convenient, accessible and brings peace of mind.
C-best is the modern male chastity belt. C-belts come in different sizes, colors and styles. They expand with erections and have a digital lock, which can only be unlocked by the owner’s sex addiction sponsor.
The Stunning Fleshlight
The Stunning Fleshlight is enhanced with a miniature taser that puts out a small stun during masturbation to train the offending member to curb its enthusiasm. It is approved for use by the American Psychosexual Research Council.
These products will all be available before Christmas and can be found in the Personal Sexual Devices section of Amazon or at any neighborhood Walgreen’s store.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Get out the vote

I am not made of the stuff to make it in the military. I worked a service job, but not one that asked of me the sacrifices that the military make. But my son, my father, friends and former students all chose that call to service.

I recently heard a discussion on the radio about how to thank a veteran. Different veterans suggested ways. A “thank you” barely skimmed the surface. Take a few minutes to talk to a veteran. Buy one a meal. Donate to the USO. Volunteer at an organization that provides support to veterans.
All these are good options. 

But in the end, the President and Congress are the ones that put the men and women of the military in danger. The countries we are currently fighting in have not invaded us. Even 9/11seems less and less a justification for decades in this current Middle East morass. The numbers of dead, wounded, disabled, and psychologically and emotionally mangled continue to mount.

There seems to be all the money necessary to stuff the pockets of the weapons dealers. There seems all the money necessary to maintain the military in foreign wars. There seems to be all the money necessary for generous Congressional pensions and health care coverage. But where is the money necessary for the prompt, accessible and quality care of our veterans.

I thank the veterans.--all of them—for their brave and dutiful service. And I hope you will join me in holding accountable the government they served.