Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The songs of children

The songs of children are no longer songs of innocence.
They are songs of grief.
Songs of loss.
Songs of poverty.
Songs of hunger.
Songs of abuse.
Songs of estrangement and separation.
Songs of blood and guns.
Songs of ignorance.
Songs of hate.
Songs of disease.
Songs of the forgotten.
Songs of fear.
They are no longer songs of innocence.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


It’s so transparent to me. Almost daily he shows his ineptitude, his inability to grasp complicated issues, his misstatements and lies, his narcissism, his thugishness. Stories flood the news about his shady business dealings and his sexual proclivities from crude speech to infidelity to porn stars.
Yet evangelical Christians continue to support him. Conservatives are willing to give up their beliefs to follow him. Republican sycophants throw away their integrity to worship him.
Do all of these people really believe that following this man is the road to greatness?
I don’t get it. But I want to understand it. All over the world people turn those who disagree with them into satans. Nothing changes. Do we just assume that argument and dialogue can’t work, and we must just continue throwing spears?

Monday, June 18, 2018

American vignettes (commercial TV edition)

American vignettes (commercial TV edition)

A typical American family of a white father, an African-American mother and an Asian child watch TV together and eat popcorn.
Two share an intimate moment where one confides her distress at teeth that aren’t white enough.
An older women goes about a busy life in her sun-drenched world, pleasant music playing, while the announcer describes how her medication could kill her.
A smart-ass little kid chides her parents because they don’t understand investment options.
A housewife lets a handsome stranger into her humongous kitchen to discuss labor-saving devices…but neither is thinking about sex.
A celebrity athlete tries to convince us that a personal care product has changed his life.
A cast-of-thousands mini-musical makes us thirsty for some soda pop.
A beautiful young woman with cleavage proposes that 0-60 in 5 seconds is the most important thing in the world.

A shiny new automobile sits atop a mountain where it can’t possibly drive anywhere.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

5 signs

5 signs that you are losing your sexual appeal:

1. You wake up one day to find you have only one testicle.

2. Your lust for beer and nachos is stronger than your libido.

3. Standing up, you can’t see your genitals, even if you lean forward a little.

4. Every part of your body gets stiff…except one.

5. Even your armpits are going bald.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Little American vignettes

Little American vignettes

Seven throw pillows and a teddy bear on a bed
A woman with an American flag on her fat ass
Three kids in the futile chase of an ice cream truck
A man with a long gray beard and one leg begging on the corner
A socialite trying to decide which of her 500 pairs of shoes to wear
A glamorous dress up affair to raise money for the poor
Three roofers putting  down shingles and talking about their sexual conquests
A young mother jogging with two kids and listening to a motivational tape
A family dinner with everyone looking at their cell phones
A cop trying to set a teenager straight
A collection of every Precious Moments figurine plus a pink bunny
A wall full of Thomas Kincades above a Thomas Kincade recliner
A TV broadcaster whose hands are a ballet of nothingness
Three women at lunch on their fourth glasses of Chardonnay
A shirtless man with skinny legs picking tomatoes in his garden
A celebrity speaking about the effectiveness of a toe fungus medication

An American flag selling shoes, mattresses, beer and cheap patriotism

Friday, June 15, 2018

have you ever?

Have you ever seen Donald Trump smile?
Have you ever seen him speak spontaneously and with compassion?
Have you ever seen him without his nose in the air?
Have you ever seen him not being a pompous ass?
Have you ever seen him thinking of the Presidency as Americans think of the Presidency?
Have you ever seen him acting as if he is in the world and not the world rotating around him?
Many may have genuinely voted for him out of frustration or the desire for change.

But anyone supporting him now can only be doing so from inside their own caves of self-delusion.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Evolution made me a man

Evolution made me a man, and I’ve got the genitals and Y chromosome to prove it. Hormones gave me my libido, so, of course, I do my prancing, feather ruffling and courtship dances. I keep my nose peeled for the pheromones, and I try to make things happen. I’m a man. And I can stay stuck this way, stay a dickhead, for all my life.
But I can also come to the realization that there are other parts of me to care about and to share There’s my mind and my heart, my lovebido, my spirit. These help make me a fuller man, a more human man. 
I don’t have to discard my evolutionary man-self. I can’t. I just have make it fit comfortably into the deeper man-me.