Monday, October 21, 2019

About God

My Image of God doesn’t have to be your image of God. And my path to God doesn’t have to be your path to God. Don’t bother looking for a GPS (God positioning satellite). We each find a path, stray from it, and get back on it more resolute. Every path leads to the same place, of course. How could a God of any wisdom create a segregated heaven, knowing how destructive this was for humans on earth.

Evolution is not a God. It’s simply nature’s common playground for all of us. God enters the picture by us and in us. We each have a piece of the God puzzle in us to use as we see fit. When groups come together in Spirit, their God pieces combine to a clearer picture of God. When all the pieces of God in us come together, God is revealed, full and complete. This highly unlikely circumstance is the oneness of our yearning.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

The chemistry of the brain

The chemistry of the brain,
Axons and neurons,
The rush of hormones
All aligned to give me
The courage
To say I love you.
And mean it.
After that, to show it
Over and over and over.
No matter what life threw
At us.
Even death.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


This is the tragedy. Bigotry is more important than children. Hate is more important than children. Racism is more important than children. Ideology is more important than children. Stuff is more important than children. Money is more important than children. Profits are more important than children. War is more important than children. Power is more important than children. Ego is more important than children. Some children are more important than other children.

Friday, October 18, 2019


When people are seriously looking for help in addressing social, emotional and other life problems, I think they are looking for the empathetic ear of a wise person. True wisdom is generous and built on attentive listening and measured life experience, weighed with thoughtfulness and forgiveness. True wisdom helps the individual listen for their own inner wisdom.

In a healthy society, young people are given love and mentoring and then their independence. They are the source of new energy, which propels society forward to its new form. The wise person person doesn’t disparage the young, but listens to them. In this way, wisdom is not stale or rigid beliefs, but pliable and tempered advice. This is the wisdom the young seek out.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Trump supporters

I’ve tried to figure out what motivates someone to be a Trump supporter. This is what I’ve come up with.

1. People support Trump because they feel the Democrats/liberals have forgotten them. But what actually has Trump done to make their lives better? Don’t Democratic concerns about the middle class and economic equality speak to you? Don’t Democratic initiatives on gun control make for a safer America? Don’t you see that a message driven by compassion is better than a message drivenby fear?

2. Make America Great Again. But what actually did Trump mean by that? America has lost its credibility and leadership in the world. Trump’s cabinet members are taking America dangerously backward. Leadership positions are given to unqualified persons, including family members. Our allies don’t have faith in us anymore, while Trump buddies up with bully dictators. We are faltering in our international negotiations with Russia, China and North Korea. The jobless rate is at an all time low, but too many of the jobs don’t pay enough to live on. The economy has been good, but only 3 of its 10 year growth has been under Trump. Hardly any significant legislation has been passed, even when Republicans held both chambers.

3. Trump supporters fear big government. Then opt out of Medicare and Social Security. Don’t apply for disability. Don’t accept grants from the government for your kid’s college education. Don’t expect to be protected on the job by OHSHA. Don’t look to the FDA to make drugs safe. In fact, don’t accept anything from the government.

4.Trump tells it like it is. He’s authentic. But his authenticity is defined by lies, crudeness, vulgarity, incompetence, bullying and egotism. Is this what you think the Presidency should look like and what leadership be? Are Trump’s values that your values?