Wednesday, September 19, 2018


I’m a 16 year-old boy. The part of my brain responsible for rational thinking and impulse control won’t develop fully for another 8 or 9 years. I’ve got a car and I’ve got a job, so I have some money of my own. I’m around a lot of women. And I’m horny, really horny.

I pay attention to my parents, in what they say and what they do. I listen to the pastor. I have a mentor. My peers are horny like me, and we talk about it. And I get sexed up by media marketing and media entertainment. I’m a testosterone-fueled victim of #MeToo.

And I’m horny. So what am I supposed do?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Can't touch the art

Though you can’t touch the art, the art can touch you.

Though you may not be able to understand the art, the art can understand you.

Though you may not be able to possess the art, the art can posses you.

Though you won’t be able to change the art, the art can change you.

Monday, September 17, 2018

A fly on the wall listens to Donald Trump

A fly on the wall listens to Donald Trump.

In the Oval Office on the Inauguration crowd: “Tremendous. Probably the biggest ever.”

On the number of immigrants arrested and deported: “Tremendous. Probably the biggest ever.”

On the number of tariffs imposed: “Tremendous. Probably the biggest ever.”

In the bedroom: “Tremendous. Probably the biggest ever.”

Sitting on the toilet: “Tremendous. Probably the biggest ever.”

Sunday, September 16, 2018


The Antichrist is among us. And it’s corporate marketing. Creativity, communication design and psychology are all put to work to identify and stimulate our propensity for the 7 deadly sins. Marketing preys on our greed, pride, laziness, envy, lust, low self esteem and more. And it’s all wrapped up in tantalizing glamour, fantasy, airbrushed beauty, bells and whistles and spectacle.

Must have is turned into need to have. Celebrities are paid big bucks to hype a product they don’t use and know nothing about. And we believe them because celebrities are all smart and wouldn’t lie to us.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis is celebrating the fantastic success of Noah’s Ark by announcing plans for a full-fledged Bible theme park. Some of the attractions included in Bible World will be:

The Walls of Jericho roller coaster: Riders will be able to blow horns from their cars to bring down the walls as the coaster whizzes by.

Jonah Water Park: Patrons can take a slide from high up on the Ark into a full-sized water park and luxury hotel housed inside a giant whale.

Chariots of the Sea: The park will have a large wave pool. When the chariot ride enters the pool, large plexiglas sheets will rise up to block the waters as the chariots pass through.

The Lord is My Shepherd Picnic Grove: Patrons will be able to picnic below shady trees and beside calm waters.

At the Let There Be Light movie theater, guests can watch free movies including, “Tarzan Meets T-Rex,” “The Devil Made Me Do It,” and many more.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Art school

For most people what happens art school is a mystery.  A degree in art or design seems a risky choice in a culture which is, to say the least, ambivalent about art. This is understandable since artists in our society are often suspect and the arts are generally a minor concern in K-12 education.

So let’s begin here. Everything in the built human environment was first imagined visually—in the mind, in drawings, in models. So the products of visual thinking are everywhere—in art, in architecture, on computers, in fashion design, in advertising, in movies, on electronic screens, in video games. The list is endless. Students in art and design schools are at the source of all of this.

But how does this education occur? What in fact happens in art school?
A student in art school is trained to draw, to use a variety materials from paint to sculptural materials, to write, to think critically, to use every tool in the woodshop, to weld if they like, to problem solve and, above all, to be creative. Because of the nature of the art-making process and its critical feedback, a student also has the opportunity to confront their own humanity and vision.

So there it is. What might seem like the most unlikely choice of a degree is in fact one of the best choices.  And whatever happens after art school, happens with creativity and imagination.