Sunday, September 10, 2017

Scenes from an artist's life

Scenes from an artist’s life:
--The artist has matured so that his work becomes of some value. But no one wants to pay for it. So he gives it away to friends. He dies, which noticeably increases the interest in his work. His friends sell it off for a little extra pocket money while he rots in his grave.
--The artist has a home emergency when his furnace goes out. He asks his neighbor, an HVAC repairman, to come over for a look. It gets fixed. The artist says, “Next time you have an art emergency, be sure to call me.”
--Your friends know you’re an artist. They show how much they value that by asking you to help pick colors for their bedroom or to do a portrait of their dog.
--The artist has a piece selected into the Museum collection. Great for the resume. But she knows that work will never again see the light of day.
--The arts program has a rock guitarist, a movie actress and the artist. The venue is filled. After the guitarist and actress speak, the hall almost empties.

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